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Jocelyn's Journal
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Thursday, April 25th, 2002
3:26 pm
Its been forever since i wrote in this thing....
High school is almost over : )
goin to prom with richie dollard
my dress is soooo pretty
Goin to University of Pittsburgh - Ive wanted to go there forever!!

thats about it : )
Thursday, February 15th, 2001
3:52 pm
wow....Justin Rogers died this morning...It's so sad!! I have known him practically my whole life. In first grade he used to draw me pictures of snakes and tell me that he loved me...and now he is dead? What made it him instead of any of us? It is really weird...Me and Leslie Naser were talking about it and she told me that he ALWAYS takes Jefferson straight all the way to school...then today he takes the back road for the first time, and look what happens. It's so sad.....

Current Mood: sad
Tuesday, January 30th, 2001
5:14 pm
welp, i'm pretty sure whatever brian and i had is over....i am so sick of his shit. I thought i would be upset that we arent really talking or whatever anymore, but i really dont care. After thinking he was the bombest for like 2 years, i thought he would be like the guy of my dreams. But, as cute as he is, he doesnt have much of a personality. Everytime i was with him or even talked to him i felt empty. He doesnt care much about anyone but jack, and i dont really like feeling like the runner up to his friends. So oh well. Its done just like that i guess. No big loss, i guess i was just expecting so much more than what i got.

Current Mood: content
Monday, January 22nd, 2001
9:13 pm
I havent written for a while, so how is everyone?
Everything has been pretty good for me...New semester is pretty gay so far, I am not really looking fwd to Russian history...Hey, not that I dont care about Russia, but ya know....Oh, and the new German teacher is so retarded! He is typing up a set of rules and regulations for his classes....and we have homework...UM, NO! Its really weird...
Lunch is fun, Nate Griffith is in there, and me & Erin & Darcie just talk about his QT potential half the period. We might sit with him sometimes, which should be interesting! Its weird tho, I miss Andrew and Doug and Kelly and Mauri and Corey and etc etc...(and christine!) We had so much fun in that period!!!
Anyways, things with Brian are okay...We were supposed to go out Sunday, but since i waited til like 4 to call him, him and jack went to the mall. Haha, I was mad, but when he was telling the story it was so funny that I understood how it could happen. Oh well, tonite he asked me to come over tomorrow, but he can't pick me up from school (because he is seriously the laziest person i know!) so if i decide to go over i have to find a ride...I dont know if i feel like trying to find a ride, but i do want to see him...so who knows.
WELL, i think i wrote a novel here, so thats it for now. ~~Have fun~~
Sunday, December 3rd, 2000
9:59 pm
Dont be a menace...
I never update this....anyways, we've been havin fun at dougs... :)
And me and KT quit work....other than that, nothing has been happenin. Kates got a new boy...hes a cute lil guy(well hes taller than me) and hes a lot cooler than Dlicious....she knows who i am talking about
but anyways, thats about it...
Tuesday, October 24th, 2000
10:50 pm
I finally got my tattoo yesterday night...Its cute, I like it! (thats good, considering I'll have to live with it for a while)...It didnt even hurt that bad...well, it hurt, but not as bad as i thought it would...It hurts more now though!!! Its making my whole back sore :(
But anyways, looks as if Lance (ben) has a girlfriend...she called him when he was givin me my tattoo...haha, too bad for me, he was a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, probably too old. I wonder if i will ever find anyone else that looks like lance........ :)

Current Mood: sore
Tuesday, October 17th, 2000
3:44 pm
Since I havent written for a long time, I guess I will give a little update. Last night I went and picked out my tatoo! Its a little blue moon with starbursts around it...I am getting it done on Monday, it should be fun (and painful)! The guy who works at the tatoo place it young, and he's REALLY cute. He looks like lance from nsync...OOOOH baby! Anyways, what else is there to write? Things are boring as all hell in good ol' Washington. Oh, I got a job at TJ Maxx. Me and Kate are workin together! Hehe, good fun! And I am practically failing school...and I feel real sick...but other than that...... :)

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, September 24th, 2000
11:33 am
Well, i am back form vacation, and I had a good time...I wish i lived at the beach! Anyways, Chels, I know how you feel (or felt) about not knowing why or how you have changed. I feel like I dont know myself too well anymore, but I dont even know why. I like how things are now, but I also want things to go back to how they used to be when I knew who I was. I feel like things for me are changing so fast, like I am growing up or something...I feel so empty, but whats missing?

Current Mood: indescribable
Monday, September 11th, 2000
3:43 pm
Let the good times roll!
Haha, i dont even have to write about what happened on Friday...Me, Kate, and Kelly are now grounded, but it was fun! All i gotta say is.............

Monday, September 4th, 2000
3:01 pm
I have been sitting here talking to Chelsea, and reading everyone's old journal entries...isn't it funny how things people talked about before that had no connection to you at the time can have relevence to your current situation? I guess that goes to show that other people DO know how you feel, cause they have been through it too. I hate how things can't all be good. Like, something in my life is ALWAYS gonna suck, and when that thing starts not to suck so bad, something else starts to suck even worse...
Wednesday, August 30th, 2000
4:42 pm
Is anyone else's yahoo messenger not working? Mine won't connect...Is everyones doing this, or do i have to like download it again or somethin...

Current Mood: aggravated
Tuesday, August 29th, 2000
3:30 pm
Chels told me to update, so i guess i have to...haha! Anyways, been going to school lately, having a BLAST!! Not really. It feels like there was no summer vacation at all. Well, not that i dont have anything to write about, but i am too tired.

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, August 25th, 2000
10:40 am
Justin went away to college this morning, bright and early. It was so sad, last night he was crying to Valerie, then this morning him and my mom were practically sobbing to one another...not that i dont care that hes leaving, cause i am gonna miss him, but i know i will see him.
Anyways, Kate is back today. I am really glad shes back, but also worried. Will called me last night and was pissy with me...he thinks I told Kate that he said mean things about her or something..whatever. I dont even really care what he thinks at this point...but the thing is, he said that kate was saying that she thinks I said something to him about her, and if i dont admit to it she is not gonna be my friend..BUT i really didnt say anything to him!!! So I have been stressing myself out about it...I havent talked to her yet, so i am hoping will just exxagerated that comment...Oh, i dont know, I never wanted to hurt anyone!!!!

Current Mood: stressed
Thursday, August 24th, 2000
2:25 pm
Well, last night I went to see a movie with Will...He calls me from Jefferson Ave McDonalds and tells me hes coming to pick me up...Hmmm. Anyways, we decided to see What Lies Beneath. It was a horrible movie, it was sooo dumb. Before we saw the movie though we had time to spare, so we went to the mall. It was pretty fun, but all I could think of is how he was going out with my best friend the week before. Its just not a situation I wanna be in. I never meant to ruin anyones good time, I never TRIED to hurt anyone...but thats what i feel like i am doing...I would have been perfectly happy if will NEVER had called me, but now that he is talking to me, well....I guess i forgot how nice he was. I dont know what to do. I dont want to hurt anyone, especially my best friend...help

Current Mood: confused
Friday, August 18th, 2000
12:02 pm
just got back from the doctors again...I only needed one shot this time, but I got sick again. This time I didnt pass out, but I just got really nauseous...I didnt say too much to anyone about it though, cause if there is somethin wrong with me, i dont really care to know....

PS - whipped cream + hot dogs :) *make me smile*
(i forgot to write this last night...not funny to anyone reading this, but...well, its funny to me)

Current Mood: nauseated
Thursday, August 17th, 2000
11:26 pm
Well, tonite I sat home...I thought I would do somethin with kate before she left, but well, that didnt happen. No big thing, just somethin to get used to. Anyways, my parents made me cry tonite...Not on purpose, but still. Thats no big deal either I guess, considering that they aren't the only people that have made me cry lately. Not on purpose I mean, but its still not too fun. But, surprise surprise, the one person I thought would never understand me is the one person that does right now!! Patrick called and LISTENED to me, for the first time in sooo long. He knows that even I dont know why I am upset, but eventually I will feel ok...He says he hopes hes around to see me happy again :) So do I... But, we (well, I made it up) decided we are BFFUF...best friends forever until friday...At least I have someone with nothing better to do...(isnt that so nice of patrick to say??)
Friday, August 4th, 2000
6:53 pm
Well, I am killing time before Chelsea's party, cause Kate takes tooooo long to get ready...Anyways, it should be fun, cause Taras gonna be there and I havent seen her in FOREVER! Its gonna be a crazy time!

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, July 24th, 2000
10:37 pm
Well, I dont have too much to say...I am bored, Matt is being sooooo weird, and Patrick isnt around :(
I dont know...I just feel like I missed out, like there is a lot I could have done but didnt, and now i may not get the chance to see Patrick for a long time. ? i dont know
Tuesday, July 18th, 2000
3:41 pm
Well, today I went to the doctor to get some shots...I had to get four, but after the second one, I PASSED OUT!!! I hadnt eaten breakfast and I guess my blood sugar was too low...It was really kinda scary actually, because I couldnt breathe and my heart was beating really fast, then I was just out! Now its funny though, cause I cant believe I actually passed out on the doctor!
Anyways, yesterday I spent my 20 bucks on a hopefully good cause...I just wonder what happened to him...I really wanna write about this situation, but dont think anyone should know...?
Friday, July 14th, 2000
11:52 am
Hahaha, wow, we had a good time last night! Kate got her license, so we went out and were totally crazy...First we went to the WCC and saw Christy, and laughed at her, which is always fun...I accomplished my goal of the night by getting a white shirt to match my AE pants...We called Patrick from the mall, and we were supposed to see him, but we had to go to Target first! :) So, me and Kate are sitting at a red light with the music blaring, and beside us pull two cars of hotties! AJ Warco, Dennis Perri, Jeremy Noah, Jack Burt, and Marc Felice were there and they asked us to go to Coconuts in the strip, but we had to meet Patrick! They kept askin, but, after like 5 minutes, the light turned green, so me and kate promised we'd go some other time....LETS HOPE THAT OPPORTUNITY COMES SOON!! Hahaha....anyways, the rest of the night was crazy too, with the crazy gas pumpin experience :) and trying to find Patrick....I cant believe the 1st night of kate havin her license was so much fun.........WOOHOO!!
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