Jocelyn (jocelyn) wrote,


Well, tonite I sat home...I thought I would do somethin with kate before she left, but well, that didnt happen. No big thing, just somethin to get used to. Anyways, my parents made me cry tonite...Not on purpose, but still. Thats no big deal either I guess, considering that they aren't the only people that have made me cry lately. Not on purpose I mean, but its still not too fun. But, surprise surprise, the one person I thought would never understand me is the one person that does right now!! Patrick called and LISTENED to me, for the first time in sooo long. He knows that even I dont know why I am upset, but eventually I will feel ok...He says he hopes hes around to see me happy again :) So do I... But, we (well, I made it up) decided we are friends forever until friday...At least I have someone with nothing better to do...(isnt that so nice of patrick to say??)
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