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Well, last night I went to see a movie with Will...He calls me from Jefferson Ave McDonalds and tells me hes coming to pick me up...Hmmm. Anyways, we decided to see What Lies Beneath. It was a horrible movie, it was sooo dumb. Before we saw the movie though we had time to spare, so we went to the mall. It was pretty fun, but all I could think of is how he was going out with my best friend the week before. Its just not a situation I wanna be in. I never meant to ruin anyones good time, I never TRIED to hurt anyone...but thats what i feel like i am doing...I would have been perfectly happy if will NEVER had called me, but now that he is talking to me, well....I guess i forgot how nice he was. I dont know what to do. I dont want to hurt anyone, especially my best
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