Jocelyn (jocelyn) wrote,

I havent written for a while, so how is everyone?
Everything has been pretty good for me...New semester is pretty gay so far, I am not really looking fwd to Russian history...Hey, not that I dont care about Russia, but ya know....Oh, and the new German teacher is so retarded! He is typing up a set of rules and regulations for his classes....and we have homework...UM, NO! Its really weird...
Lunch is fun, Nate Griffith is in there, and me & Erin & Darcie just talk about his QT potential half the period. We might sit with him sometimes, which should be interesting! Its weird tho, I miss Andrew and Doug and Kelly and Mauri and Corey and etc etc...(and christine!) We had so much fun in that period!!!
Anyways, things with Brian are okay...We were supposed to go out Sunday, but since i waited til like 4 to call him, him and jack went to the mall. Haha, I was mad, but when he was telling the story it was so funny that I understood how it could happen. Oh well, tonite he asked me to come over tomorrow, but he can't pick me up from school (because he is seriously the laziest person i know!) so if i decide to go over i have to find a ride...I dont know if i feel like trying to find a ride, but i do want to see who knows.
WELL, i think i wrote a novel here, so thats it for now. ~~Have fun~~
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