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Jocelyn's Journal
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Tuesday, July 11th, 2000
7:28 pm
OK, well I heard some bad news from Patrick today...I dunno if I should actually write what he told me, but in short he might be going away for 3 years!! He says, "Jocelyn dont worry, its only three years"......WHAT?!?!?! Only 3 years? I dont see him for a week and I miss him...how can I wait 3 years?
Sunday, July 2nd, 2000
10:16 pm
Wow, I haven't written for a while! I don't have anything really important to write about though, but I have nothing better to do, so here it goes! Patrick hasnt called in a while, so I am wondering where he has been! He always says that he tries to call but my line is busy, so who knows if he has been "trying to call" or not...Sometimes I wonder about him though, like what he considers us to be....Thats somethin i think i should know!!! haha...well, i dont know what else to write...I am reallll bored!
Friday, June 23rd, 2000
2:39 pm
poor valerie!
Valerie (my brothers girlfriend) called me this morning...I feel so bad for her! She told me she heard that this girl Courtney Levato was dating my brother, and she wanted to know if any Courtneys had called...so now I am officially her spy, and I am pretty sure that deserves to get whats coming to him...I actually hope something semi exciting happens....I would like to see Valerie kick my brothers ass, thats for sure!!
12:33 pm
Well, today Lauren Persuitti called me at the crack of dawn (11:00) to see if i wanted to go swimming...I didnt go though, but now I am just tired and sitting here...
But anyways, I am kinda excited cause my mom just booked a vacation house down in NC for us!! The only problem is, its during school, in September, but right now I dont even care!!! I can't wait to go, and I am gonna take all my friends with me...we might as well all miss a week of school, right?? haha
Last night i talked to Mike Armenini, and even though I dont like him at all because hes a jerk, he really made me laugh...butterball!!! :)
I wonder if patrick is coming back...I wonder if I will be able to get in touch with him if he comes back...I really miss him, and its only been a week...whats gonna happen if i dont get to talk to him this weekend?!?
Thursday, June 22nd, 2000
10:09 pm
Well, I just got back from my little brothers lax game! It was really funny, the kids are so TINY!! I saw my 7th grade boy friend, good ol' Craig Alderson...Haha, i didnt even notice him at first, he looked a lot bigger on kates bus!! Isnt it weird how just watching little kids reminds you of the best times in your own life?? I wish I was that tiny again! :)
Wednesday, June 21st, 2000
4:42 pm
I was just in the shower and I thought about something that i never think about...something that happened to me a while ago...it really explains a lot of the things happening in my life now...God, I never wanted to tell anyone about this, but this whole situation made me ask myself why I always need to have a guy around, and then I just...well, this just really makes sense now...I wonder what would happen though if i told anyone...I want to tell kate, to make her understand, but I really cant...Its something i havent dealt with myself, let alone told anyone...NO ONE knows this, but is telling anyone really the right thing to do?? maybe it would fix things, but i dont know. If i tell someone and it DOESNT fix anything, then I just have brought up a part of my life that i didnt want to, and for no reason...i dont know
Tuesday, June 20th, 2000
1:33 pm
damn ohio guys
Well, yesterday i went to the dave matthews concert in Columbus, and it was really great...well, till the end at least. I met my future husband, unfortunately he lives in Ohio, and also unfortunately, Kate is mad at me because of it. I really didnt mean to ignore her, which i probably did, and i am really sorry. But, man, this guy Jason was soooo great. It sounds like a shitty excuse, but I really couldnt turn my attention to anything but him (and the music of course)...yet he lives in OHIO!!!! This is such crap, because I was perfectly happy with the guys around here, and now I made everyone important mad at me and I have to miss a guy that I knew for one night that lives in Ohio. Not fair.
I wish people didnt like gum (which will make NO sense to anyone but me) and I am going to shave my head bald and roll in the mud. :(
Friday, June 16th, 2000
12:57 pm
typical situation?
Before i start, Kate now has an online journal....she is listed under amity!
OOK...this tuesday I was over kates house and we were real bored...ssoo, we called up patrick (the guy that likes me...i have wrote about him before but i dont think i used his name!) and we ended up going out with him. At first it really sucked, then we went to his apartment and it got okay...(hehe, he has the two cutest kittens i have ever seen...I LOVE SOCRATES!! haha) After a while we decided to leave there and we did some shit...THEN we went to hang out with his friends...I never liked these guys but after the night was over...haha, oh they are SOOO funny!!! ANYWAYS, everyone is probably getting bored with this, so i will write about the problems i have. (oh, before i start, i guess i will say that i do forgive kate, aka pukey!) Ok, here goes:
Kate likes, or liked patrick...now he likes me...and if thats not an akward situation, well...OH, i dont know...I think i might sorta like him (now its my turn to say sorry!) Hes so sweet, and i never realized it, but hes such a cutie! But it would just be wrong if i liked him after my friends did...I dont know...
"Prosser, help me up!!" hahahaha
Monday, June 12th, 2000
3:29 pm
Thanks everyone for the really good advice...haha, I think I will call him tonight :)
Anyways, I have been really good lately...just kinda bored. My ex friend Christy is the BIGGEST bitch ever, and she just won't let me forget it...BUT, guess what is coming up??? The anniversery of when we went to EUROPE! hehehe, we left on the 15th, and today is the 12th....wow, me, chels and kate gotta get together and celebrate (EUROPE STYLE!!!) hahaha
Thursday, June 8th, 2000
5:46 pm
Wow, I am so stressed right now...I haven't really told anyone whats wrong, but I guess I have to eventually, so I will write. There is this guy who really likes me, and him and I were really good friends, but now I don't know what to do. I don't like him in that way, and I don't want him to like me either...I just want things to go back to how they were. The worst part is that we haven't talked since he told me that he liked me, cause I dont know what to say to him!! Some of my friends are bugging me CONSTANTLY to call him and to try harder to see him, but it is just not that easy. I dont want to hurt him at all, but how could I not?? I have no idea how to handle this and it is seriously driving me crazy...HELP!
Wednesday, June 7th, 2000
10:52 pm
You know how sometimes you miss someone that you see all the time, just never get to talk to a lot? Thats kinda how I feel now....and I dont even know why!
2:07 pm
OK, well I got a live journal now...Maybe my Europe friends will get to read it! (ev, ben, monty!) Chels and I decided to get these cause we started reading them, and it seemed like a cool idea...but hey, i dont know. Anyways, I am really bored right now...I gotta find something to do!!!
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